KAZ Possums Child Care Centre is committed to providing a children’s service to the local community which is of the highest quality. We believe that excellence in care and education requires committed educators who believe that children are never seen in isolation, but rather as part of a family system that provides context and identity through its lifestyle, culture, heritage and traditions. Children are part of their community and cultural contexts, which shape much of their identity.

Our educators and staff at KAZ Possums Child Care Centre work together with families and communicate openly to foster continuity between home and the Service by sharing a common commitment to the best interest of the children. We aim to ensure we involve parents and families into all aspects of the programs development and implementation, in order to guarantee progression in learning, development and future success for each child.

Our service values community involvement and aims to use community resources effectively to enhance the growth and development of individual children, families and educators/staff. Access to a wide variety of health, education and learning based support is made available.

A quality educational program develops as a result of close observation and dialogue with children and collaboration with families, based in well-founded research. Our program aims to holistically develop each child socially, physically, emotionally, cognitively and creatively with a focus on language, confidence, self-esteem, independence and preparing for school.

Our educators follow the Early Years Learning Framework closely, working alongside each child to actively promote learning through worthwhile and challenging experiences and interactions that foster high level thinking skills.

Our program reflects guided, planned and spontaneous experiences. Through the Early Years Learning Framework our educators will use intentional teaching as learning occurs in social contexts and interactions and conversations are vitally important for learning.

To reach their potential, children need to be active partners in their own learning and must be empowered to express their views and ideas. We believe in providing an environment where children feel free to explore and learn. Play is the process that enables children to learn through concrete ¿hands-on¿ experiences such as doing, experimenting, predicting, achieving and making mistakes. Concrete activities, which encourage children to explore and search for meaning, through direct physical experience help children to form knowledge about their world.

Our educators and staff understand that each child is an individual with unique needs, interests, strengths and life experiences. In their own time, each child will, to the best of their ability, achieve milestones in their learning and development.

Our service is committed to supporting children with additional needs and will continue to work closely with external organizations and inclusion support agencies. Our educators understand the importance of early intervention.

We embrace diversity within our service and the wider community. Our Service embraces celebrations and shares traditions and cultures throughout our program. We acknowledge that Biddegal/Bidjigal/Bedegal people of the Eora Nation are the original inhabitants and custodians of all land and water in the Georges River region in which our service resides. We share our acknowledgement with the children via the celebration of various indigenous events during the year.

We believe that it is vital that the early childhood curriculum is responsive to economic and technological changes. We will work to engage children in a rapidly changing world.

Our Service aims to encourage families to bring quality, nutritious meals and snacks and cater to the needs of children with special nutritional and cultural requirements. We strive to support the healthy development of children by promoting physical activity and healthy eating through the adoption of the Munch and Move NSW health program.

Our educators acknowledge the importance of self-assessment. A quality improvement plan is in place and regularly reviewed, to plan future improvement and to ensure our educators are delivering quality education and providing a safe learning environment.

Teamwork and effective communication are essential requirements for positive outcomes across all aspects of our Services¿ functioning. Our Educators are responsive to all children’s strengths, abilities and interests; they value and build on children’s strengths, skills and knowledge to ensure motivation and engagement in learning (EYLF).

A caring supportive atmosphere within this stimulating educational environment provides children with opportunities to develop independence, demonstrate initiative, work together and learn to co-operate and function as part of a group. Our educators protect and cherish the innocence of children and thus provide a safe and secure environment.

Our educators and staff are committed to providing excellence in education and care; therefore, we support educator/staff in continuing their professional development and acknowledge their dedication as an integral element of the success of our Service.

Our Service acknowledges the original custodians of this land and believe in a sustainable environment. We strive to continue our journey towards a sustainable future for the wellbeing of our community. We believe in a positive and proactive approach to our environment and encourage children and educators to discover an appreciation of their natural surroundings and its resources.